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Yachne Hebrew Hospitable
Yadid Hebrew Friend, Beloved
Yadira Hebrew Friend
Yadon Hebrew He will judge
Yaffa Hebrew Beautiful
Yakir Hebrew Precious
Yakira Hebrew Precious
Yakov Russian Form of Jacob
Yale Old English Vigorous
Yalena Greek, Russian Form of Helen
Yamilet Arabic Beautiful
Yamin Hebrew Right, right-handed
Yamka Hopi Blossom
Yanaba Navajo Brave
Yancy American Name for Englishman
Yang Chinese Sun
Yanni Greek Form of John
Yardan Arabic King
Yardley Old English Enclosed Meadow
Yaritza Brazilian Water lady
Yarkona Hebrew Green
Yarnell English Eagle's roost
Yaron Hebrew He will Sing
Yasashiku Japanese Gentle, Polite
Yash Hindi Victorious, Glory
Yashwant Hindi Glorious
Yasin Arabic Prophet
Yasir Afghani Humble
Yasmeen Persian Flower
Yasmine Persian Flower
Yazmin Persian Flower
Yates Old English Gates
Yehuda Hebrew Praise, thanks
Yei Japanese Flourishing
Yelena Greek Bright, shinning one
Yemina Hebrew Right hand
Yeoman English Attendant
Yervant Armenian King
Yesenia Hebrew Right hand
Yeshaya Hebrew Gift
Yestin Welsh Just
Yo Cambodian Honest
Yoel Hebrew The Lord is God
Yogi Indian Master of oneself
Yohann German Form of Johan
Yoko Japanese Determined
Yolanda Greek Violet Flower
Yong Chinese Courageous
Yorick Greek Earth worker
York English Boar Estate
Yorke English Boar Estate
Yosef Hebrew He will enlarge
Yoshi Japanese Adopted Son
Yu Chinese Universe
Yuliana Latin Down-bearded youth
Yule English Born at Christmas
Yuma Native American Son of a Chief
Yuri Russian Form of George
Yusuf Hebrew He will enlarge
Yves Scandinavian Archer
Yvette French God is Merciful
Yvonne French Young Archer

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