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Xander Greek Defending men
Xandra Greek Defending men
Xanthe Greek Yellow-Haired
Xanthia Greek Yellow-Haired
Xanthus Latin Golden haired
Xara Arabic Shinning, flower
Xavia Arabic Brilliant
Xaviar Arabic Brilliant
Xavier Arabic Brilliant
Xaviera Arabic Brilliant
Xena Greek Guest
Xenia Greek Hospitable
Xenon Greek Foreigner
Xenophon Greek Strange Voice
Xenos Greek Favored Guest
Xerxes Greek-Persian King
Xiang Chinese Fragrant
Ximena Hebrew Listening
Xiomara Teutonic Glorious Forest
Xiu Mei Chinese Beautiful Plum
Xuan Vietnamese Spring
Xyla Grek Of the woods
Xylia Greek Of the Woods
Xylon Greek Forest

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