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Ubadah Arabic Serves God
Ubaid Arabic Faithful
Uberto Italian Form of Hubert
Udele Anglo Saxon Rich or Prosperous
Udo Japanese Ginseng Plant
Udolf English Prosperous Wolf
Ugo Italian Form of Hugo, Hugh
Uilliam Irish Form of William
Uistean Irish Intelligent
Ula Celtic Jewel of the Sea
Ulan African First-Born Twin
Uland Teutonic From the Noble Land
Ulani Hawaiian Cheerful
Ulberto Germanic Bright mind, intelligent
Ulbrecht German Form of Albert
Ulf German Wolf
Ulima Arabic Astute, Wise
Ulric Danish Wolf
Ulrica Teutonic Ruler of All
Ulrich Germanic Powerful through his inheritance
Ultima Latin Last, Endmost
Ultman Hindi God, Godlike
Ululani Hawaiian Heavenly Inspiration
Ulva German Wolf
Ulysses Greek Angry or Wrathful
Uma Hindi Mother
Umay Turkish Hopeful
Umberto German Famous Giant
Umeko Japanese Patient
Umit Turkish Hope
Una Latin One
Undine Latin Of the Waves
Uner Turkish Famous
Unity English Oneness, harmony
Unna German Woman
Unwin English Nonfriend
Upshaw English Upper Wooded Area
Upton English Upper Town
Urbana Latin City Dweller
Uri Hebrew Form of Uriah
Uriah Hebrew God is my Light
Urian Greek From Heaven
Uriel Hebrew God is my light
Urit Hebrew Bright
Ursa Greek Form of Ursula
Ursala Latin Little bear
Ursula Latin Little bear
Usamah Arabic Like a Lion
Usha Hindi Sunrise
Usher English Usher, gate-keeper
Ustin Russian Form of Justin
Uta German Rich
Uthman Arabic Companion of the Prophet
Uzi Hebrew My Strength
Uzoma Nigerian Born during a journey

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