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Tabitha Aramaic Gazelle
Tad Gaelic Poet
Tait Scandinavian Cheerful
Taj Sanscrit Crown
Talbot Old German From the Valley
Talia Greek Blooming
Talon English A claw
Tamara Hebrew Palm Tree
Tammy Hebrew Perfect
Tanesha African Born on Monday
Tanika Indian Rope
Tanis Phoenician Serpent lady
Tanner Old English Leather Worker
Tanya Russian Fairy Queen
Tara Gaelic Hill
Tarik Arabic Nocturnal visitor
Tasha Latin Christ's birthday
Tasia Greek Resurrection
Tate Old English One Tenth
Tatum English Spirited
Tayla English Tailor
Taylor English Tailor
Tea Greek Gift of God
Teague Celtic A Poet or Bard
Ted Greek Gift of God
Teddy Greek Gift of God
Templa Latin Temple or Sanctuary
Tenisha African Born on Monday
Teresa Greek Harvester
Terence Latin Tender
Terrence Latin Tender
Terri Greek Harvester
Tertia Latin The Third
Tess Greek Harvester
Tevin Gaelic Beautiful at birth
Thaddeus Hebrew Praise be to God
Thadine Hebrew Praised
Thalia Greek Joy or Blooming
Thayer Teutonic Of the Nation's Army
Thea Greek Divine
Thelma Greek Nursing
Theobold Teutonic Patriotic
Theodora Greek Divine Gift
Theodore Greek Gift of God
Theola Greek The Divine
Theresa Greek Harvester
Theron Greek Hunter
Thirza Hebrew Delightful
Thomas Aramaic Twin
Thomasina Hebrew The Twin
Thora Teutonic Thunder
Thorpe Teutonic Residence Name
Thurston Scandinavian Thor's Jewel
Tiffani Greek Appearance of a God
Tiffany Greek Appearance of a God
Tilda Teutonic Maid of Battles
Tilden Old English Residence Name
Tim Greek To honor God
Timothea Greek Honoring God
Timothy Greek Honor God
Tina Latin Little One
Titus Latin The Safe
Tobias Hebrew Goodness of the Lord
Toby Hebrew God is Good
Todd Scottish Fox
Toinette Latin Beyond Praise
Tonia Latin Beyond Praise
Tony Latin Beyond Praise
Tori Latin Conqueror, victory
Torrence Irish Like a Tall Tower
Torrey Celtic Residence Name
Townsend Old English Residence Name
Tracy Gaelic Fighter
Travis French At the Crossing
Tre French Three
Trent Latin Torrent
Trenton English Trent's town
Tressa Greek Harvester
Trevor Celtic Prudent, Cautious
Trey French Three
Tricia Latin A patrician
Trina Greek Pure
Trisha Latin A patrician
Trista Latin The Sorrowful
Tristan Latin Sorrowful
Tristen Gaelic Tumult
Trixie Latin She Who Blesses
Troy Old French After the City
Truman Old English A Faithful, Loyal Man
Tucker English Someone who folds cloth
Tuesday English Day of the Week
Tyler English Tile maker, tile layer
Tylor English Tile maker, tile layer
Tyne Old English River
Tyron Gaelic Land of the noble
Tyson Teutonic Son of the German

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