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Sabra Hebrew Cactus Plant
Sabrina English Goddess of Severn River
Sacha Greek Helper of Mankind
Sachi Japanese Girl Child
Sadie Hebrew Princess
Sahara English Name of a desert
Sakura Japanese Cherry blossom
Salena Greek Moon
Salina Greek Moon
Salisbury Anglo Saxon Dry Town
Sally Hebrew Princess
Salome Hebrew Asked of God
Salvador Latin Saviour
Salvatore Italian Saviour, rescuer
Sam Hebrew He is called God
Samantha Hebrew Listener
Samara Hebrew Watch or Outlook
Samira Arabic Pleasant community
Samson Hebrew Bright as the Sun
Samuel Hebrew Answer to Prayers
Samuela Hebrew Asked of God
Sanborn Old English Residence Name
Sanders Greek Helper of Mankind
Sandi Greek Defends others
Sandra Greek Helper of Mankind
Sanford Old English From the Sandy Ford
Santana Spanish Saint-like
Santos Spanish Of the Saints
Sapphire Hebrew Precious Gem
Sarah Hebrew True Princess
Sargent Old French-Latin Occupation Name
Sarina Hebrew Princess
Sarita Variant of Sarah Little Princess
Sasha Greek Defending men
Saul Hebrew Longed For
Savana Spanish Plateau
Sawyer Middle English Wood Cutter
Scarlet English Scarlet
Schuyler Dutch A Shelter
Scott English From Scotland
Scottie English From Scotland
Sean Irish Gaelic Form of John, God's gracious gift
Sebastian Greek Majestic
Sela Hebrew A Rock
Selby Teutonic Residence Name
Selena Greek Moon
Selene Greek Moon
Selima Hebrew Peaceful
Selina Greek Moon
Selma Arabic Secure
Septima Latin The Seventh
Seraphine Hebrew Burning or Ardent
Serena Latin Serene
Sergio Latin Servant
Serle Teutonic Armed
Seth Hebrew Appointed One
Seymour French-Latin Moorish Saint
Shakira Arabic Thankful
Shamus Irish Form of James
Shana Hebrew Beautiful
Shane Hebrew Beautiful
Shannon Gaelic Wise
Shantel French Stony place
Shara Hebrew Plains
Sharon Hebrew Plains
Sharonda Hebrew Plains
Shaw Old English Residence Name
Shawn Hebrew God is gracious
Sheba Arabic Biblical Queen
Sheila Irish Divine Place
Shelby Anglo Saxon Residence Name
Sheldon Anglo Saxon Residence Name
Sherard Anglo Saxon Of Splendid Valor
Sheri Hebrew Plains
Sheridan Celtic The Wild Man
Sherlock Old English Fair-Haired
Sherman Old English Occupation Name
Sherwin Anglo Saxon Eminent in Friendship
Sherwood Old English From the Bright Forest
Sheryl French Dear one
Shiloh Hebrew God Is Great, Peaceful One, Messiah
Shira Hebrew Melody, song
Shirley Old English From the White Meadow
Sibley Anglo Saxon Related or Family
Sibyl Greek Wise or Prophetic
Sidra Latin Starlike
Sierra Spanish Mountain range
Sigmund Teutonic Victorious Protection
Silas Latin Man of the Forest
Silver Anglo Saxon White
Silvester Latin Forest Dweller
Silvia Latin Wooded, forest
Simon Hebrew He who has Heard
Simona Hebrew Heard
Sinclair Latin The Illustrious
Sinead Irish God is Gracious
Siobhan Irish Form of Jane and Judith, God is Gracious
Sirena Greek A Siren
Sloane Celtic Warrior
Sofie Greek Wisdom
Sol Latin The Sun
Solomon Hebrew Peaceful
Spencer English Steward
Standish Old English Residence Name
Stanford Old English Residence Name
Stanislaus Slavonic Glory of the Camp
Stanley English Stony Field
Stanway Old English Residence Name
Stedman Anglo Saxon Residence Name
Stephen Greek Crown
Sterling English High Quality
Stewart Anglo Saxon A Steward
Sumner Old French-Latin A Summoner
Suri Persian Red Rose
Sutton Old English Residence Name
Swain Teutonic Youthful

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