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Qabil Arabic Able
Qadim Arabic Ancient
Qadir Arabic Powerful
Qadira Arabic Powerful
Qamar Arabic Moon
Qamra Arabic Moon
Qasim Arabic Divider
Qimat Hindi Valuable
Quade Latin Fourth
Quanika American Form of Nika
Quant Greek Means how much?
Quartilla Latin Fourth
Qubilah Arabic Agreeable
Qudamah Arabic Courage
Queen English Queen
Queenie English Queen
Quenby Scandinavian Form of Quimby
Quenby Scandinavian Womanly
Quennell French Small Oak
Quentin Latin Fifth Child
Querida Spanish Dear, Beloved
Questa French Searcher
Quigley Irish Maternal Side
Quill Gaelic Descendant od Coll
Quillan Gaelic Descendant od Coll
Quimby Scandinavian Woman's Estate
Quin Latin Fifth
Quinby Scandinavian Residence Name
Quincy Latin Fifth
Quinella Latin Form of Quintana
Quinlan Irish Strong
Quinn Irish Fifth or Wise
Quint Latin Fifth
Quintana Latin The Fifth
Quinten Latin Fifth
Quintessa Latin Essence
Quintina Latin Fifth
Quiterie Latin, French Tranquil
Quon Chinese Bright

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