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Nadia Russian Hope
Nadine Russian Hope
Naldo Teutonic Of Mighty or Wise
Nancy Hebrew Grace
Naomi Hebrew Delightful
Narda Persian The Anointed
Nash Old English Protruding Cliff
Natalie Latin Born at Christmas Time
Nate Hebrew Gift of God
Nathalie Italian Christ's birthday
Nathania Hebrew Gift of the Lord
Nathaniel Hebrew Gift of God
Natica Latin Christmas Child
Neal Gaelic Champion
Neda Slavonic Sunday's Child
Nell Greek Light
Nelson English Son of Neal
Neo English New
Neoma Greek New Moon
Nerissa Greek Daughter of the Sea
Nero Latin Powerful
Nessa Greek Pure
Nevada Spanish Snow covered
Neve Gaelic Radiance, brightness
Neville Old French New Town
Nevin Gaelic Worshiper of Saints
Newton Anglo Saxon Residence Name
Nia Gaelic Radiance, brightness
Nichola Greek People Triumph
Nicholas Greek People Triumph
Nichole Greek People Triumph
Nick Greek People Triumph
Nicklaus Greek People Triumph
Nickolas Greek People Triumph
Nico Greek People Triumph
Nicodemus Greek Victorious over the People
Nicola Greek People Triumph
Nicole Greek People Triumph
Nicolette Greek People's Victory
Nigel Roman Black
Niki Greek People Triumph
Nikita Greek Unconquered, unconquerable
Niko Greek People triumph
Nikola Greek People triumph
Nikolas Greek People triumph
Nima Indian Large indian tree
Nina Native American Mighty
Noa Hebrew Peace
Noah Hebrew Peace
Noel French To be Born
Noelle French Born on Christmas
Nolan Gaelic Famous
Noleta Latin The Unwilling
Nona Latin The Ninth
Nora Latin Honor
Norberto Germanic Bright north, famous north
Norma Latin Model or Pattern
Norman English Norseman
Norris French Caretaker
Norton Anglo Saxon Residence Name
Norvin Teutonic Man from the North
Nouvel French French word meaning New
Nova Native American Butterfly Chaser
Nydia Latin Refuge or Nest

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