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Mabel Latin Amiable
Macauley Scottish Righteous
Macey English Place of Maccius
Mack Gaelic Son of
Mackenzie Gaelic Son of Wise Ruler
Macnair Gaelic Son of the Heir
Maddox Celtic Beneficient
Madison English Son of Maud, Matthew's son
Maegan Greek Pearl
Magdalena Hebrew Of Magdala
Magdalene Hebrew Of Magdala
Magen Hebrew Shield
Maggie Greek A Pearl
Magnus Latin Great
Mahalia Hebrew Affection
Mai Chinese Ocean or elegance
Maisie Greek Precious
Makena African Happy one
Makenzie Gaelic Son of Coinneach, son of the fair one
Malaya Sanskrit Sandalwood trees
Malcolm Gaelic Columba's servant
Malcom Gaelic Columba's servant
Malik Arabic King, owner
Malika Arabic Queen
Mallorie French Luckless
Mallory French Luckless
Malva Greek Soft
Malvin Celtic Servant
Manda Latin Loveable
Mandy Spanish Harmony
Manfred German Man of Peace
Manuel Hebrew God with Us
Mara Hebrew Sorrowful
Marc Latin From the god Mars
Marcel Latin Little Marcus
Marcella Latin Little Marcus
Marci Latin From the god Mars
Marcus Latin From the god Mars
Margaret Greek Pearl
Margarita Greek Pearl
Margie Greek Pearl
Maria Hebrew Bitter
Mariah Hebrew Bitter
Mariana Latin Latinate form of Maria
Mariano Latin Male latinate form of Maria
Maribel Hebrew-Latin Mary the Beautiful
Maricela Hebrew Bitter
Marina Latin From the god Mars
Mario Italian Form of Marius
Marissa Latin Sea Born
Marjorie Greek Pearl
Mark Latin From the god Mars
Marko Latin From the god Mars
Markus Latin From the god Mars
Marla Hebrew Of Magdala
Marland Old English Residence Name
Marlon Old French Falcon
Marnia Latin Maid of the Sea
Marsha Latin From the god Mars
Marshal Old English Horse Groomer
Marta Aramean Lady or Mistress
Martha Aramean Lady or Mistress
Martin Latin Warlike
Martina Latin Warlike
Marvela Latin Marvelous
Marvin English Sea
Mary Latin Star of the Sea
Mason Old French Brick Builder
Matias Hebrew Gift of God
Matilda Teutonic Mighty in Battle
Matthew Hebrew Gift of the Lord
Maureen Irish The Dark
Maurice Latin Dark Skin
Mavis Celtic Song-Thrush
Max Latin Great
Maxine Latin The Greatest
Medwin Teutonic Powerful Friend
Megan Celtic, Gaelic Form of Margaret, Soft and Gentle
Melanie Greek Dark-Haired
Melinda Anglo Saxon Grateful
Melissa Greek Honey Bee
Melita Greek Honey Sweet
Melodia Greek Melody
Melody Greek Melody
Melvin Irish Gaelic Possibly Means Gentle Chief
Melvina Celtic Handmaiden
Mercer French-Latin Merchant
Mercy French-Latin Compassionat
Merrill Teutonic Famous
Michael Hebrew Like God
Milburn Old English Residence Name
Miles Latin Soldier
Miller Latin A Miller
Milton Old English From the Mill Farmstead
Monroe Scottish A Wheeler
Montague Latin Residence Name
Montgomery Latin Mountain
Morgan Gaelic From the Sea's Edge
Morris Latin Moorish
Morton Old English From the Farm or Moor
Morven Celtic Mariner
Moses Bible Name Bible Name
Murdock Celtic Prosperous Seaman
Murphy Irish Gaelic Warrior of the Sea
Murray Celtic Seaman
Myer Latin Great

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