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Jacinda Greek Hyacinth Flower
Jacinta Greek Lovely
Jack Hebrew God is gracious
Jacob Hebrew Conqueror
Jacklyn Hebrew Supplanter
Jackson English Jack's son
Jade Spanish Jewel
Jake Hebrew Supplanted, held by the heel
Jakob Hebrew Supplanted
Jamal Arabic Camel
James English Form of Jacob
Jameson English Form of Jacob
Jamie Hebrew Supplanter
Jamila Arabic Beautiful
Jane Hebrew God's Gracious Gift
Janet Scottish Variant of Jane
Jared Hebrew He Who Descends
Jarvis Germanic Keen as the Spear
Jasmin Persian Jasmine
Jasmine Persian Jasmine
Jason Hebrew God is my Savior
Jasper Persian Treasurer, spotted stone
Jax English Jack's son
Jazmin Persian Jasmine
Jean French John
Jed Hebrew Beloved of the Lord
Jeff Germanic Peace Bringer
Jeffrey Germanic Peace Bringer
Jemima Hebrew A Dove
Jennifer Celtic White Wave
Jeremiah Hebrew God Exalts
Jeremy Hebrew God Exalts
Jeri Germanic Mighty with the Spear
Jermaine Latin Brother
Jerold Germanic Mighty with the Spear
Jerome Greek Of Sacred Name
Jerry Germanic Mighty with the Spear
Jesse Hebrew Gift Giver
Jessica Hebrew Woman of Wealth
Jewel French Precious Gem
Jillian Latin Young Child
Joan Hebrew God is gracious
Job Hebrew The Persecuted
Jocelyn Old English Just
Jodi Hebrew Of Judea
Joel Hebrew God's Willingness
John Hebrew God is Gracious
Johnson Hebrew God is Gracious
Jonas Hebrew Dove
Jonathan Hebrew God's Gift
Jordan Hebrew Flow Down
Jordi Greek Earth worker
Joseph Hebrew God Multiplies
Josephina Hebrew God Multiplies
Josh Hebrew God is my Salvation
Joshua Hebrew God is my Salvation
Joshuah Hebrew God is my Salvation
Joy Old French Delight
Jude Hebrew Praise, thanks
Judith Hebrew Praised
Juliana Latin Youthful
Juliet Latin Youthful
Julius Greek Colored Hair
Junior English Younger
Justin Latin Just
Justine Latin Just

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