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Ian Scottish Form of John
Ibrahim Hebrew Father of a multitude or many nations
Ichabod Hebrew Glory has Departed
Ida Teutonic Happy
Idaline Teutonic Noble
Idola Greek A Vision
Idona Teutonic Industrious Worker
Ignacio Latin Fiery
Ignatia Latin Fiery
Ignatius Latin Fiery
Ike Hebrew He laughs
Ilana Hebrew Tree
Iliana Hebrew The lord has responded
Imani Swahili Faith, belief
Immanuel Hebrew God is with us
Imogene Latin Imagine
India Sanskrit Body of water
Indiana English Land of indians
Ines Spanish Form of Agnes
Ingram Old English Angel
Ingrid Old English Meadow
Ira Hebrew Watcher
Irene Greek Peace
Iris Greek The Rainbow
Irma Latin Noble
Irvin Scottish Handsome
Irving Scottish Handsome
Irwin Scottish Handsome
Isaac Hebrew Laughter
Isaak Hebrew Laughter
Isabela Hebrew My God is a vow
Isabell Hebrew My God is a vow
Isadora Latin Gift of Isis
Isaiah Hebrew God's Salvation
Ishmael Hebrew God will listen
Isidor Greek Gift of Isis
Israel Hebrew Soldier for the Lord
Ivan Russian Form of John
Ivana Hebrew God's Gift
Ivar Scandinavian Archer
Ives Old English Little Archer
Izabella Hebrew My God is a vow

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