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Gabriel Hebrew God's Messenger
Gabrielle Hebrew God's Messenger
Gage Old French A Pledge
Gale Old English Gay or Lively
Galiana German Supreme One
Galilea Greek Sloping hills
Galvin Celtic Sparrow
Gannon Gaelic White, fair-haired
Garda Teutonic Protected
Gardner Anglo Saxon Gardener
Garrick Teutonic Spear King
Garth Anglo Saxon Heardsman
Gavin Scottish White Hawk
Gaye French-Teutonic Lighthearted
Gayle Hebrew Father in rejoicing
Gelsey Hindi God of Wisdom
Gemma Latin Jewel
Gene Greek Well born
Genesis Greek Beginning
Geneva Old French The Juniper
Genevieve French Humble
George Greek Farmer
Georgia Greek Farmer
Georgina Greek Farmer
Gerald Germanic Spear Carrier
Geraldine Teutonic Mighty with a Spear
Geraldo Germanic Spear Carrier
Gerard Germanic Strenght of the spear
Gerardo Germanic Strenght of the spear
Germaine Teutonic Armed
Gerry Germanic Spear ruler
Gersham Hebrew Exiled
Gertrude Teutonic Spear Maiden
Giancarlo Hebrew God is gracious
Gianni Hebrew God is gracious
Gideon Hebrew Great Warrior
Gifford Teutonic Gift-Brave
Gilbert Germanic Bright oath
Gilberto Germanic Bright oath
Gilda Celtic Servant of God
Giles Greek Bearer of Shield
Gillian Latin Down-bearded youth
Gilmer Teutonic Famous Hostage
Gilroy Celtic-Latin Son of the redhead
Ginger Latin Spring-like, flourishing
Gino Greek Of noble descent
Giovani Italian Form of John
Giovanna Italian Form of John
Giovanni Italian Form of John
Gisselle German Hostage, pledge
Giuseppe Hebrew He will enlarge
Gladys Latin Lame
Glenn Gaelic Valley
Glenda Waelsh Clean and good
Glenna Gaelic Valley, Form of Glenn
Gloria Latin Glorious
Glynnis Welsh Beautiful and Holy
Goddard Teutonic Divinely Firm
Godfrey Teutonic God's Peace
Godwin Teutonic Divine Friend
Gordon English Large fort
Grace Latin Blessing from God
Graham Anglo Saxon Gray Home
Gracie Latin Blessing from God
Graham English Abode
Grant French Great
Grayson Old English Son of Bailiff
Gredel Greek A Pearl
Greg Greek Watchful One
Gregory Greek Watchful One
Gresham Old English Residence Name
Greta Greek Pearl
Gretchen Greek Little Pearl
Grier Scottish Watchful, Vigilant
Griffin Welsh Reddish
Griselda Teutonic Stone Heroine
Griswold Teutonic Residence Name
Grosvenor French-Latin Mighty Huntsman
Grover Old English Dweller in the Grove
Guillermo Germanic Will, desire and helmet
Gunther Old Norse Warrior
Gustavus Teutonic Son of Goths
Guy French Guide
Gwen Celtic White or Fair
Gwendolyn Celtic White-Browed
Gwyneth Welsh Fair
Gypsy English Wanderer

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