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Earl Anglo Saxon Nobleman
Eaton Old English From the Riverside
Ebenezer Hebrew Rock of Help
Echo Greek Return of Sound
Eda Anglo Saxon Wealthy
Edan Celtic Fiery
Edana Celtic Fiery
Eddie English Wealth protector
Eddy English Wealth protector
Eden Hebrew Paradise, Delightful
Edgar Anglo Saxon Fortunate Spear
Edith Teutonic Rich Gift
Edison English Edward's son
Edlyn Anglo Saxon Noblewoman
Edmond English Prosperous protection
Edmund English Prosperous protection
Edna Hebrew Pleasure
Edolie Teutonic Noble, Good Cheer
Edric Anglo Saxon Prosperous Ruler
Eduardo English Rich guard
Edward Old English Happy Protector
Edwin Anglo Saxon Valuable Friend
Edwina Anglo Saxon Valuable Friend
Effie Greek Melodious Chatter
Egan Celtic Little Fire
Egbert Teutonic Formidably Brilliant
Elbert French Noble and famous
Eileen Irish Form of Helen, Light
Elaine Greek Light
Elbert Teutonic Nobly Brilliant
Elberta Teutonic Nobly Brilliant
Eldon Teutonic Respected
Eldora Spanish Gilded
Eldoris Greek Of the Sea
Eldwin Anglo Saxon Sage Friend
Eleanor Greek Light
Elektra Greek Bright Light
Elena Greek Form of Helen
Elga Anglo Saxon Elfin Spear
Eli Hebrew Ascend, my God
Elias Hebrew The Lord is My God
Elijah Hebrew The Lord is My God
Elina Greek Torch, bright light
Elise French Form of Elizabeth
Eliza Old French, Latin The Chosen
Elisabeth Hebrew My God is a vow
Elizabeth Hebrew My God is a vow
Ella Anglo Saxon Elfin
Ellen Greek Light
Eliot Hebrew Jehovah is God
Elliott Hebrew Jehovah is God
Elma Greek Amiable
Elmer Teutonic Of Awe-Inspiring Fame
Eloise Teutonic Famous in Battle
Elroy Latin Royal
Elsie Anglo Saxon Gaiety
Elton Old English Residence Name
Elvira Latin White, Fair
Emerald English Green gemstone
Emerson Old German Industrious
Emil Latin Rival
Emilia Latin Rival
Emiliano Latin Rival
Emilio Latin Rival
Emily Latin Rival
Emma German All-containing, universal
Emmanuel Hebrew God is With Us
Emmett Anglo Saxon Diligent
Enoch Hebrew Dedicated or Consecrated
Enrique Germanic Home ruler
Enzo Italian N/A
Ephraim Hebrew Doubly Fruitful
Erasmus Greek Amiable
Eric Scandinavian Powerful
Erica Scandinavian Powerful
Erik Scandinavian Powerful
Erika Scandinavian Powerful
Erin Irish From Ireland
Ernest Germanic Earnest, serious
Ernesto Germanic Earnest, serious
Ernie Germanic Earnest, serious
Errol Teutonic A Nobleman
Erwin Anglo Saxon Friend of the Sea
Esmeralda Spanish Emerald
Esperanza Spanish Hope
Esteban Greek Crown
Estefani Greek Crown
Estefania Greek Crown
Ethan Hebrew Firm
Eugene Welsh Well-Born
Evan Welsh Young Warrior
Eve Hebrew Life
Everett Old Norse Wild Boar
Ezekiel Hebrew God Gives Strength
Ezequiel Hebrew God Gives Strength
Ezra Hebrew The Helper

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