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Cadman Celtic Warrior
Caesar Latin Long Haired
Caitlin Welsh Form of Catherine
Cailyn Gaelic Descendant of Caollaidhe
Calder Celtic From Stony River
Caldwell Old English Near a Cold Well
Caleb Hebrew Faithful Affection
Calista Greek Most Beautiful
Calvert Old English Shepherd
Calvin Latin Bald
Calvin Latin Bald
Camden English Uncertain
Cameron Scottish With a Crooked Nose
Camille French Swiftness of Foot
Campbell Gaelic Crooked mouth
Camron Gaelic Crooked nose
Candice Greek Fire-white
Candace Greek Glowing
Cara Italian Darling
Carey Gaelic Well-loved
Carina Latin Beloved
Carissa French Tender Touch
Carl German Man
Carla German Man
Carlin Gaelic Little Champ
Carlisle Old English From the Walled City
Carlo German Free man
Carlos German Free man
Carlton Old English From Carl's Farm
Carmel Hebrew Woodland
Carmen Spanish Crimson or Red
Carmine Latin Song
Carney Celtic Warrior
Carol German Free man
Carolina German Free man
Carrie French Song of Joy
Carter Old English Cart Driver
Casandra Greek She who entangles men
Casey Celtic Brave, Vigilant
Casie American English From Cayce
Cassidy Gaelic Curly
Catalina Greek Pure
Catherine Greek Pure
Cathleen Celtic, Gaelic Pure, Virginal
Catrina Greek Pure
Cavan Irish Gaelic Handsome
Cecil Latin Blind
Cecilia Latin Blind
Cedric Celtic Chieftain
Celena Greek Moon
Celeste French Heavenly, divine
Chadwick Celtic Warrior
Chalmers Teutonic Lord of the Household
Chance English Good fortune
Chandler Old French Candlemaker
Chandra Sanskrit The moon, shining
Chanel French Chanel, pipe
Channing Old French A Canon
Chantal Latin Song
Chapin Old French A Clergyman
Chapman Anglo Saxon Merchant
Charity English Charity
Charlene French Small Beauty
Charles Anglo Saxon Manly
Chase French Hunter
Chatwin Old English Warlike Friend
Chauncey Latin Chancellor
Chelsea Old English Harbor
Cheri French Dear one
Cherise French Cherry
Cheryl French Beloved
Chester Old English Dweller in Fortified Town
Chiquita Spanish Small one
Chloe Greek Blooming
Christal English Crystal
Christian Latin A Christian
Christine Latin Christian Faith
Christopher Greek Christ-Bearer
Cian Irish Gaelic Ancient
Ciara Irish Gaelic Black or Dark
Ciaran Irish Dark, Black
Cindy Latin Light
Cinthia Greek Woman from Kynthos
Clancy Irish Red or Ruddy Warrior
Clarence Latin Famous
Clarissa Latin Clear
Clark Latin Learned
Claude Latin Lame
Clayton Old English The Clay Farm
Cleary Irish Learned, Clerk or Scholar
Clifford Anglo Saxon Near the Cliff
Clive Old English Cliff Dweller
Clyde Welsh Heard from Afar
Codie Gaelic Descendant of Cuidighthigh; son of Oda
Coen Germanic Experienced advisor
Colby English Coalworker
Colleen Irish Irish Girl
Constantine Latin Steadfast
Coral Greek Small Stone
Cornelius Latin Horn
Courtney French King's Attendant
Cynthia Greek Moon Goddess

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