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  Cute Baby Names - names beginning with "A"

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Aaliyah,Aliya, Aliyah Hebrew/Arabic To ascend up & highly exalted
Abia Arabic Great
Abigail Hebrew Sourceof Joy, Father of Joy, A Father’s Joy
Acacia Greek Thorny Tree
Ada Teutonic Prosperous, Happy
Adah Hebrew Beauty, Beautiful Ornament, Adornment
Adalia Teutonic Noble
Adelaide Teutonic Noble, Of Good Cheer
Adele German Noble, Kind
Adine, Adina Hebrew Delicate, Noble
Adlai Hebrew God’s Justice
Adley Hebrew The Just
Adonis Greek Handsome
Adora Latin Much Adored
Adsila Native America Blossom
Agatha Greek The Good
Agnes Greek Pure, Gentle
Ahmad, Ahmed Arabic Worthy of Praise, Most Praised
Aiden, Aedan, Aidan Irish, Gaelic Fire, Little Fiery One
Aiken English Made of Oak
Aileen Irish Form of Helen, Light Bearer
Ailill Irish Elf, Sprite
Ailsa Scottish – Hebrew Name of a Scottish island, Ailsa Craig
Aimee French Beloved
Aine Irish Gaelic Brightness, Joy
Airlia Greek Ethereal
Aislinn, Aislin, Aisling Irish Dream or Vision
Ajax Greek Eagle
Akako Japanese Red, Red Child
Akasma Turkish White Climbing Rose
Aki Japanese Bright, Sparkle, Born in the Fall
Akina Japanese Spring Flower
Akira Japanese Distinct
Akito Japanese Bright Person
Alanna Celtic Fair
Alaric German Noble, Ruler
Alarice Teutonic Ruler of all
Alastair Gaelic Defender of Men
Alberta German, Old English Noble, Bright
Alda Teutonic Rich
Aldis Old English From the Old House
Aldora Greek Winged Gift
Alethea Greek Truth, Sincerity
Alexander Greek Great Protector
Alexandra Greek Defender of Mankind
Alexandria Greek Defender of Mankind, City name of states in Virginia, Minnesota and Louisiana, Egypt
Alexis Greek Defender, Protector
Alfred English Elf, Supernaturally, Wise Counsel
Alfreda Old English Counselor of Elves, Feminine Form of Alfred
Algernon Old French With a Moustache
Ali Arabic Noble, Sublime
Ali Arabic Highest, Sublime
Alice Teutonic Noble, Of Good Cheer
Alina Celtic Fair
Alisa Hebrew Happiness
Alison Teutonic Of Sacred Fame
Allan, Allen, Alan Celtic Handsome One
Allard English Brave, Noble, Bold
Allegra Italian Cheerful, Lively
Alma Latin Nourishing
Almeta Latin Ambitious
Almira Arabic Princess
Aloysia Teutonic Famous in War
Aloysius Teutonic Famous in War
Alroy Latin Royal
Alston Old English From the Elf’s Abode
Althea Greek Wholesome, Healing
Alton Old English From the Old Town
Alva Spanish-Latin Fair
Alvin Teutonic Beloved by All
Alvina English Friend of the Elves
Alvita Latin Vivacious
Alysia Greek Captivating
Alyssa Greek Rational, Logical
Amabelle Latin Loveable
Amal Arabic Hope, Expectation
Amanda Latin Loveable
Amara Greek Unfading, Eternally Beautiful
Amaryllis Greek Fresh, Sparkling
Amber Arabic Brownish Yellow, Semi-Precious Gem
Ambrosine Greek Immortal
Amelia English, Latin Hardworking
Amina Arabic Trustworthy, Honest
Amity Latin Friendship, Virtue Name
Amorette Latin Beloved
Amorette French Little Love
Amorita Latin Beloved
Amy English, Latin Loved

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