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  Cute Baby Boy Names - names beginning with "A"

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Adlai Hebrew Godís Justice
Adley Hebrew The Just
Adonis Greek Handsome
Ahmad, Ahmed Arabic Worthy of Praise, Most Praised
Aiden, Aedan, Aidan Irish, Gaelic Fire, Little Fiery One
Aiken English Made of Oak
Ailill Irish Elf, Sprite
Ajax Greek Eagle
Akira Japanese Distinct
Akito Japanese Bright Person
Allan, Allen, Alan Celtic Handsome One
Alaric German Noble, Ruler
Alastair Gaelic Defender of Men
Aldis Old English From the Old House
Alexander Greek Great Protector
Alfred English Elf, Supernaturally, Wise Counsel
Algernon Old French With a Moustache
Ali Arabic Noble, Sublime
Allard English Brave, Noble, Bold
Aloysius Teutonic Famous in War
Alroy Latin Royal
Alston Old English From the Elfís Abode
Alton Old English From the Old Town
Alvin Teutonic Beloved by All

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